Enhancing Age and Ability Inclusion: A Toolkit to support your senior living community to:

  • Raise awareness of ageism in senior living environments
  • Raise awareness of ableism in senior living environments
  • Assess your organizational culture and identify changes to promote greater inclusion
  • Educate, train, and support elders, team members, and family members to create more inclusive communities and a greater sense of belonging

This toolkit has been developed to help guide organizations and individuals toward creating inclusive environments for senior living. Within this toolkit, you will find resources both for individual staff members as well as an organization-wide assessment.

This Age and Ability Inclusion Toolkit for Senior Living was developed with the help of senior living providers as a resource for senior living providers by Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Gerontology, LeadingAge, the Eden Alternative, Pioneer Network and RRF: Foundation for Aging. This Toolkit comes at a time when there has been a growing recognition among senior living professionals that the problems of ageism (discrimination on the basis of age) and ableism (discrimination on the basis of physical and/or cognitive ability) need to be confronted within their communities.

Leading Age, Pioneer Network, RRF - Foundation for aging, the eden alternative creating empowered cultures

Photos by Raychan (left), Johnny Cohen (top middle), Freddy Kearney (top right), and Dominik Lange (bottom), on Unsplash