Human Resource Management

Organizations are made up of humans, who are the most unique and precious assets any organization has. The management and development of these “human resources” with age and ability inclusion at the top of mind is vital to creating an organizational culture that respects and includes all people of all ages and physical and cognitive abilities. This includes the process of human resource management and development from end-to-end, in other words from recruiting staff and board members, to training and developing them on an on-going basis.

To assist with scoring and responding to the assessment, you can print out the Organizational Assessment Form and follow along.

Click here to print a PDF of the assessment rubric.

For each statement, respond with: Fully Met, Partially Met, Not Met, Don’t Know, or Not Applicable (NA).Also take a moment to write down for each statement the things that you can improve, and the good things that you can build on.

Domain F Assessment

F1. Our organization assesses attitudes to aging among all candidates for jobs as staff members or board members.

F2. Our organization recruits individuals with diverse lived experience (based on age, ability, intersectional identities).

F3. Our organization provides onboarding training in ageism and ableism to all new staff members and board members.

F4. Our organization ensures that all staff (direct care, supervisors, front desk and reception, support staff, housekeeping, transportation, and maintenance) receive in-service training on ageism and ableism across the organization and across personnel functions.

F5. Staff members receive individual supervision from a supervisor who is trained in ageism, ableism, and the intersectionality of identity.

F6. Part of supervision at the organization is used to help staff members understand internalized ageism and ableism, including ways to develop personal and professional attitudes.